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7 Types Of Content To Make Your Members Fall In Love With You

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day may be over, but that does not mean you should stop showing love to your members. Whether it is weekly eNewsletters or monthly updates, you are constantly connecting with your members. No one likes getting bogged down with irrelevant emails. Make sure you are sending content they actually want and will enjoy. The one thing all of these types of content have in common is time. Make sure your weekly eNewsletters or monthly updates are always up-to-date and reflect what has been going on in the lives of your members.

Here are 7 types of content that your members are sure to love you for:


Is it the season of giving or time for an egg hunt? As the seasons change, so should your content. One, this is the type of content that never gets old and is always changing, giving you plenty of opportunity. Don’t be afraid to have some fun during April showers or the cold New England winters. Your members will love the relevant and relatable content.


Similar to the seasons, your calendar is full of events throughout the year. I’m not talking about just conferences or events specific for your association. Consider sporting events, award shows, etc. Showing enthusiasm for major events you know your members are watching will help connect with them even more.

Memes & GIFs

In the age of Internet memes and instantaneous interactions and reactions on social media, there has been new meaning to memes and GIFs. Now, this doesn’t mean send out your next eNewsletter solely with memes. But, when considering social media posts and engaging quickly with your members, humor applied with memes and GIFs can go a long way.


The possibilities of different types of videos are endless. From how to or explainer videos to promotional videos and live chats, making videos allows you to get your message across in a fun, creative way. Videos can be easily embedded into your eNewsletters and shared on social media. Plus, just think about how you scroll through your messages or social media. Do you want to read long pages or would you rather watch a quick video?

Guidebooks & How-Tos

Have a conference coming up in Boston for your members? Send them a guidebook of the city for while they’re here. Guidebooks and How Tos are not only useful but can also show your members that you care. Consider where your members are coming from and their interests. Guidebooks or How Tos that relate to your members are sure to increase engagement, especially when it directly resonates with them. They will definitely be thinking of you when they are touring around a new city before the next conference.

Member Activity

Sharing member success stories or professional activity allows not only your members to become better acquainted with each other, but also shows that you care. Everyone loves a positive story and one that is geared toward fellow members and friends can mean even more.


Don’t be afraid to ask. If you demonstrate changes based on your members opinions and feedback it will go a long way. Who doesn’t love the ability to actually give someone his or her opinion? Plus, if you listen, you know what you are sending is truly what your members are looking for.


Before sending out your new eNewsletter or prior to posting on social media, consider these types of content. Take a look at who your members are and what they do. A better understanding of your members and effective use of these types of content will lead to increased engagement and overall satisfaction among your members.

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5 Content Marketing Mistakes Your Association Needs to Avoid

Is your content marketing in good shape? From Facebook updates to eBooks, content marketing is the go-to way to communicate with your members these days. Your content needs to interest your readers and give them a reason to come back for more, so make sure you steer clear of these five common content marketing mistakes.

1. No Plan

No plan spells disaster for your content marketing. Without a plan, you run the risk of creating haphazard and unfocused content with not enough updates, or too many updates. Before you start creating, have an aim in mind. Do you want to raise awareness of your association? Increase your subscription rates? Once you’ve got your aim, map out how much content you are going to create, and when. Schedule it in so you know it will get created and sent at the right time.


2. No Value

The Internet is a noisy place, and your members are busy people. The content you create needs to bring something to their lives – something that will make it worth taking the time to read. That means now is not the time to sell. Now is the time to answer a question, solve a problem, provide some valuable information, or even just make your members laugh or smile.

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Creating a Successful eNewsletter for Your Members

As online marketing becomes increasingly popular and widespread, businesses are continually looking to find ways to remain successful and stand out from the crowd. eNewsletters give you the opportunity to update your audience and provide them with new, valuable content. However, with the large amount of eNewsletters being sent out by different companies every day, it sometimes becomes difficult to stand out. To help you create a successful eNewsletter that will appeal to your audience, we have five important tips to be aware of, as well as some sample campaigns to give you some inspiration moving forward.

5 Tips for an Effective eNewsletter

Clipboard with Checklist and Red Pen

1. Subject Line:

Your subject line is the most important part of your eNewsletter. It is the first thing your audience will see, and it’s also the ultimate deciding factor in whether or not they will open your email. If your subject line is weak and your audience passes right by the email, all the effort you put into the content inside the eNewsletter will go to waste. Make sure you set time aside to work on coming up with a creative subject line so your email doesn’t get buried in inboxes and spam folders. Some basic tips to remember when creating a subject line include:
a. Keep it short – if it needs to be longer, make sure your important keywords appear
towards the beginning so you can be sure they’re seen.
b. Avoid using words that will cause your email to be marked as spam, such as free,
deal, earn, sale, etc.
c. Tell your audience what’s inside – they signed up for your eNewsletter because they
want to receive your content, so make sure they know what they’re getting when it
arrives in their inbox.

To see which subject lines are working best for your audience, try utilizing an A/B testing method. Send out one subject line to a small sample of your audience, and another one to a different sample group of the same size. Use whichever one had higher open rates on the rest of your list. Also, be sure to regularly check data reports to see which subject lines had the best results on your audience over time.

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Making Marketing Automation Work For Your Association

Does your association use automated marketing? Perhaps you associate automated messages with more sales-focused marketing efforts. In fact, as an association, you are selling your message, and marketing it should be one of your top priorities. With the current popularity of social media and the wealth of information and networking available for free, making your message and benefits clear to members has never been more important. Marketing automation can help you do just that. Here are some key areas in which marketing automation is good for associations, and what you can do to make the most of it.Marketing Automation for Assocations

Targeting Your Messages

Marketing automation works best when used in conjunction with a solid, well thought out plan. The messages your association sends out should have a very clear purpose, whether that is encouraging members to renew, inviting them to an event, or promoting a specific service. By using marketing automation, you can tailor the messages you send out to best connect with your members. For example, if a member is due for renewal, you can design a campaign to remind them to renew, and highlight how your association adds value to the life of that member. To do this you simply personalize the campaign based on their behavior and demographic to ensure the message speaks directly to their needs and concerns.


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