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How to Spice Up Your Email Newsletter

Whether you send it every week, month or quarter, don’t neglect your email newsletter. And by neglect, I mean don’t let it get boring. Don’t let your newsletter be the lost piece of marketing in your audience’s inbox each time you send. Like the latest iPhone, you have to keep evolving your newsletter with the times. Here are six ways to spice up your newsletter and get your audience reading again.

Create a welcome email

Sure, it might be extra work, but consider sending a warm welcome whenever someone opts in to your newsletter. Use the opportunity to simply say hello in a beautiful or funny way. Don’t overcrowd the email with too much company info or news. The warm gesture is enough and will leave them with a good taste for your organization. Email sending services like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor allow for automated set up so you can make sure your welcome email fires off without a hitch!

Spice up your subject life

makenzie_davies_image_121416Thought you saw a typo? Guess again! Merely a simple Spice Girls pun for your reading pleasure. This type of nonsense is exactly what I’m talking about. Give your subject line an upgrade and be witty, sassy or bold (while maintaining your brand voice – of course!). You use emojis in your everyday text, so don’t be afraid to use them in the subject line to make reading more fun, eye-catching and conversational. Scared to dive right in? Do some A/B testing with your traditional, informative subject line against one with a little more pizazz and you might be surprised at the difference it makes on your click-open rate!

Keep content short and sweet

Say what you need to say. There’s a reason you’re sending a newsletter: to inform your community about what’s going on. But can you say it without forcing such a commitment on your reader? Their time is important, so take less of it by considering the following: Does the any of the information in your email exist somewhere else on the web? If so, consider teasing your reader with an interesting snippet of content and linking to the source. Is your email one, long story with several paragraphs of text? Consider breaking the email into sections with prominent headers for topics like events, important dates, news, featured members, celebrations, and others. Lastly, proofread your email for redundancies. You could be repeating content – such as dates, locations and more – that has the potential to be deleted, shortening (and sweetening) your email.

Use buttons

Not only do they make an attractive addition to your newsletter design, buttons provide the obvious click call-to-action your email might have been missing. How many hyperlinked words appear in your email copy? Too many? It may be time to evaluate whether they could be complemented by – or better yet – replaced with a nice, big button. Today’s email user is accustomed to opening an email and scanning it for the most important parts. Highlight that important information with a button that clearly outlines the action you most want them to take: “learn more” “buy now”
“redeem” etc.

Include deals & offers

Do you care about your members? Do you care about your business partners? Great! Benefit both by offering deals from your partners for your members to take advantage of. Maybe a discounted Lyft ride… Perhaps a free coffee from your local shop… Even a reduced ticket price to an event can enhance brand loyalty, strengthen relationships and entice future opens on your email, increasing your click-open rate!

Get feedback from your community

Try out some of these strategies and ask your readers what they think! Send a quick survey or start an internal chat with your most active members. Whatever you do, let them participate! After all, they’re the ones you need to please.

Moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to try new things in your newsletter. In fact, always keep trying new things! (If you’re going to pick one to try first, I vote emoji.) It’s kind of like a 20-year marriage, you’ve got to keep things interesting.

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